Modern Medicine and Pharmacies: Such as You! Drugstore


Medicine has undergone drastic changes. Entire perception of treatment has altered. Until now, doctors, clinging to their degrees, thought that the process needs to be scientifically complex. They thought in terms of organism and how to repair. But, as it turns out, much better approach is a proactive approach. Instead of treating some severe issue, person should do everything in his power to prevent disease from happening. This state of mind led to creation of various spas, wellness centers and other companies that should help us relieve the stress and restore our body’s function.

Our organism is a perfect machine. There is nothing wrong with it and as long as we keep it in shape, it should last for a long time. Most of the modern diseases happen due to unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting in crowded offices, easting junk food as well as use of alcohol and cigarettes can have astonishingly bad influence on our biological being. According to You! Drugstore, these before mentioned factors lead to 70 to 80 percent of diseases. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, liver and kidney damage, are usually caused by unhealthy life style, not microbes. Of course, there are certain diseases such as cancers and tumors that are caused by cell deterioration. However, if we wish to change our lifestyle and to prolong our life, it is necessary to quit everything that may be harmful.

This fresh perspective also influenced pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, these companies are working overtime. Constantly increasing and old population led to increased demand for drugs. At the same time, as a part of preventive medicine, companies started creating supplemental medicines. You are able to buy pretty much anything, from vitamins, to minerals, fish oils and anything else that can potentially benefit us. Because of that, appearance of a modern pharmacy has changed. There are much more products on the shelves and in a sense, most of these shops look like supermarkets.

Increased profits brought increased competition. Average pharmacy is trying its best to stay relevant, create new environment and make customer’s stay a pleasant one. Hygiene has always played an important role for these organizations. This is why owners are taking special care with their work place. White is the common color that is used for interior, making it look sterile. This is important for relationship with a customer because it builds trust.

This biggest change, however, came with the introduction of internet shopping. Whatever patient needs, he can procure it online. You! Drugstore, pioneer of internet shopping, believes that normal pharmacies will soon become thing of a past. As the market grows, it is possible to order medicines all over the world. This is great news for both pharmacies and patients. Stores will have more liberty, they won’t have to have large inventories and it will improve their logistics. On the other hand, this allows patients to get their drug on home address. Finally, we have a solution for all those who are too sick to move and get a necessary relief by themselves.

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