Money in Your Inbox with Inbox Dollars

I don’t use Inbox Dollars so I asked my friend Jen from The Suburban Mom to do a guest article and tell us about another way to make money online.

YES. It is possible to make money on the Internet. NO. You are not going to get rich overnight and quit your day job. But hey, who can’t use a little extra spending cash. There are tons of sites out there offering opportunities to make money from home on the Internet, but they aren’t all legit. Inbox Dollars is one of the legit companies that pays.

I have been a member with Inbox Dollars for a couple years now, and have received a couple pay outs. There are several ways to earn money through offers at Inbox Dollars, but the easiest way is by checking your email (hence Inbox Dollars). Yep, it can be as simple as checking your email. An email from Inbox Dollars comes in, you open the email, click through the link and check out the offer. If the offer appeals to you and you take advantage of it and you earn a bonus, but even if you don’t do anything else you earn just for opening the email.

How many emails do you open a day that you don’t get paid for? How about adding a couple that you get paid to look at? Joining was a no-brainer to me.

In addition to emails, you also get paid for taking survey, playing games, printing coupons and more. For every $30 you earn in your account, you can cash out, and to get you started you get $5 in your account just for signing up.

I don’t spend a lot of time taking advantage of deals; in fact, I pretty much just open the emails and move on. But this week I am cashing out $30. Not a bad deal for just reading some emails from Inbox Dollars.

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