Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ Gift Ideas

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Throughout the month of November and December I try to share great gift ideas that are free, cheap, and/or affordable. One of the latest and most popular things has been essential oils! Below is a picture of the oils that I have been able to try.

NB Set
What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the extracted oil from plants and each have a different effect and scent. Essential oils are used in a variety of ways such as aromatherapy. At least that has been my favorite way to enjoy them.

Nature’s Bounty® Essential Oils

Nature’s Bounty® Earthly Elements™ 100% pure and blended aromatherapy essential oils is a great gift to give your loved ones. How many people do you know that would love the gift of relaxation?

There are 10 different aromas to choose from that you could match for each person and their personalities

Grapefruit – tangy, clean, refreshing
Chamomile – calming, nurturing, soothing
Patchouli – earthy, woody, sweet
Lavender – soothing, comforting, clarity
Jasmine – comforting, passionate, warm
Peppermint – stimulating, vitalizing, cooling
Rosemary – tonifying, clarifying, warm
Lemongrass – sweet, uplifting, refreshing
Eucalyptus – cooling, calming, balancing
Thrive – earthy, woody, cleansing, purifying

Each scent not only has a different smell but a different calming or soothing quality. For more information you can visit

Who would this be a great gift for on your Christmas list?

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