Ones King Lane Customer Service Fail

Over the weekend I shared a referral shopping site, Ones King Lane. They offered a $15 sign up credit, as well as a $15 referral credit (if a purchase was made) to referrals. With their credit you received they had a few great deals on items where you could get them for a few $ plus a shipping fee.

On Saturday the credit was offered, on Sunday I reposted their new sale and those who signed up weren’t receiving a credit. So today I called.

The conversation went something like this:

Hello I was wondering if you are still doing the $15 sign up credit?
No we are not.
Did you just stop doing it or was it expired?
On our website we listed that the offer could expire at any time.
So were people told this or did it just end? Was it listed anywhere that it ended?
It just ended it, we put that it could expire at anytime.
Well I just told my readers about this. What about those that were sent an email and told they would receive the $15 sign up credit? Basically they were just out of luck since they didn’t ‘sign up in time’?
If they didn’t sign up prior to the promotion prior to it ending then yes.
Well I think that’s pretty lame that I send out this promotion and it’s just pulled without telling anyone.

This is a MAJOR fail in my opinion. I sent out A LOT of emails on Saturday referring people to join with a $15 credit. NOWHERE in that email does it mention that the credit offer could expire. You can see a copy of the email that was sent:


Also I cannot find anywhere on their site that mentions ANYTHING about the referral credit offer. No “sorry it ended” or anything the women mentioned about “we said the offer could expire at anytime”. Basically people who signed up thinking they were getting a credit were left confused with no answers.

When I share with my readers I vouch for these sites. When people are not getting as advertised it makes ME look bad. At this point I will no longer be mentioning or shopping with One Kings Lane.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you guys!

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