Pepsi White Elephant Giveaway

Everyone wins something on this one. Some prizes are better than others.

Play in the Pepsi White Elephant Giveaway. Click here to get started (you may have to sign in to messenger). It may not work via mobile devices.

After you sign in you should get a message from the Pepsi Bot. Click get started then let’s do this.

There are a total of 5,853 Winners that will get physical prizes. The rest get a digital prize. Once you sign up it may take a while to get a reply. I had to wait a while to play but they will message you back.

You can win Ugly Sweaters, Scarves, Coasters, Wrapping Paper, Free Pepsi Products, Inflatable Items, Snow Globes, Bottle Sweaters, Christmas Stockings and Many More Prizes!

Ends 12/20/16.

If you are on mobile and having a problem then try destktop mode and that may work for you or try copying and pasting this link

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