Pizza Hut Book It Program

Book It

Update: I received mine in the mail!

Join the Pizza Hut Book It program. If you are a homeschooling your K-6 grader, you can request a Book It packet.

On the first visit to Pizza Hut, the child will receive their Personal Pan Pizza, and also an official BOOK IT!® Passport to Reading and sticker to track their reading throughout the six months. On subsequent visits, they will get another Personal Pan Pizza and sticker to add to their passport.

If your kid is not home schooled, their actual school may or may not have this. You may want to request this for an extra incentive for homework etc.

Another scenario since I KNOW my son’s school doesn’t have it, is to offer it to a teacher.

However if you are over 12, I don’t think they will be letting you redeem the certificates 😉


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