Pizza Night with Mama Mary’s®

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At my house we all have a different tastes and preferences. To try to make different meals for everyone would be crazy. Homemade pizza is nice and easy to make something different, but still something that can be changed so everyone likes it.

With just a few ingredient changes you can almost make something completely different! It’s great for our family pizza nights to cook dinner together and enjoy eachother’s company.


Mama Mary’s® Makes It Easy

Last month I made a Chicken and Mushroom Teriyaki Pizza with Mama Mary’s® pizza crust. We liked it so much we tried their 3 pack of Mama Mary’s® personal pizzas. It’s great because all of us like something different we made 3 different pizzas!

On my pizza I kept it simple with cheese, a cut up sausage hot dog and green pepper. Very simple and straight forward.

The second pizza I just chopped up some of the lunch meat we had over a basic cheese pizza. Pretty easy and tasty.

On the third pizza we got a lot more creative and tried a breakfast pizza. Without sauce, we put cheese and cooked breakfast sausage over the Mama Mary’s® pizza crust. While the pizza was cooking we made an over easy egg and topped it on the pizza when it was done baking. The egg yolk served as the pizza sauce and it was delicious!

How do you make your personal pizzas?


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