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I LOVE personalized gifts, especially ones that are special and hold a meaning.

Precious Metal Prints offers fingerprint cufflinks and necklaces as well as pet nose print necklaces.

The process is REALLY easy!


Inside the kit is a ball of clay and instructions. The Instructions are very easy to follow!

Clay dries quickly and you should try to finish making the impression within a minute or two of opening the foil envelope

  1. Open the foil envelope and remove the clay.
  2. Working quickly, roll the clay into a ball.
  3. Place the ball of clay between the folded piece of clear plastic supplied with your kit.
  4. Press down until the clay is approximately the size of a penny.
  5. Remove the top piece of clear plastic.
  6. Make sure that the finger you will be using to make the impression is clean and dry.
  7. Pressing firmly, push straight down on the clay and slowly remove the finger (use care not spread the clay too thin). It is not recommended to do this step more than once, as the clay dries quickly.
  8. Allow the clay to dry overnight on the bottom piece of clear plastic.
  9. Place the dried clay impression in the Precious Metal Prints box, fill out the form inside the package and mail to…PRECIOUS METAL PRINTS
    P.O. BOX 123, KNOXVILLE, TN 37901



I STALKED my mailbox after I mailed this waiting to see the final creation. It arrived shortly after I mailed it and I was SO shocked and in awe! I DID have to pay to ship the pendent back but I was able to for less then $3.00

I was actually sent TWO necklaces, I sent in my husband’s fingerprint and I received an email saying that was the biggest fingerprint they ever saw! It made me giggle!

I kept one necklace for myself and gave the other to my step daughter.

I was sent JUST the pendant and I bought the chain.

On the back I was able to get my husbands initials.


I was VERY Impressed with the pendant!

I LOVE the detail they were able to capture and I will cherish this necklace forever!


You can buy the same kit for $74.99

*Note, You WILL have to pay to ship the fingerprint back to the company,I went through the USPS and  it costs around $3.00, but it was WELL worth it!, they do not charge you to ship your necklace to you)

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