Removed from Top Mommy Blogs Voting

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Top Mommy Blogs is a website that you can vote for your favorite Mommy (or daddy) blogs. Basically it helps the site get new visitors if they are high on the list.

At the beginning of October we started asking for votes. We immediately jumped to #1, and stayed within the top 10. Two weeks later we were removed WITHOUT notice. I immediately contacted the owner to get very little answers.

Apparently even though my site is a Dad Blog, which is allowed, “isn’t a fit” for their site. I have started to involve my son not only in our website, but as well as our reviews, pictures, and videos.

Now there are several other deal blogs, (3 in the top 5) that were not removed. She claims that my being a dad isn’t the case, but several of the other blogs are very similar that are moms… that weren’t removed.

Besides the writing styles and particular deals, the difference between mine and their sites are that I don’t have “mommy” in the title. Maybe if I changed the site to Its All Free Online Dad I would be accepted?

I feel that Karen (Top Mommy Blog owner) has been very indecisive AND continually failed to answer the same question that I asked in every email. I still haven’t gotten a clear response besides my site “isn’t a fit” for her voting network. She can do what she wants since it’s her site, but I think she is wrong here.

One reason is that why wait until we have 500+ votes and have been a top site for two weeks to then remove us?

Two is that if you are going to change the rules or even remove me, why not contact me and give me a CLEAR reason as to why? Obviously I am taking it seriously by getting 500+ votes in less than two weeks. I could of put my time and effort into something different.

Overall I just wanted to let you guys know what happened. I felt so great that you all WANTED to vote for us! We constantly got FB messages as to how to vote, as well as other people reminding members to vote. Our community is so strong, and I won’t let a mistake of a voting site like Top Mommy Blogs ruin that.

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