Reviews – Free Gift Card? Weekly Promo Offer 250 x 250

We’ve worked with for a while now and I’ve been able to give out a bunch of gift cards over the past year or two. Today I want to give you a unique opportunity to basically EARN a free $25 gift card.

Sometimes new people are confused with because it’s different. It’s of course an INSANE deal and some people get nervous of that. Therefore I am looking for people to use the site and REVIEW their experience. Not so much the restaurant you went to, but the ease of the purchase, redeeming and any other factors going into it.

To participate visit and buy a gift certificate. Make sure to use coupon code SAVE for an additional 80% off! Take it to the restaurant you choose and then tell us how it went!

You can either click here or submit your review in the form directly below.

We have 10 $25 gift cards to give away. If we get more than 10 reviews it will be random who is awarded the gift card.

You will have until 11:59PM PST on March 17th, 2011 to submit your review!

By submitting your review to me you give me the rights to republish the on content on my website. You are free to choose how your name will be displayed.

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