Reviews + 80% Off Code Weekly Promo Offer 250 x 250

We’ve been working with for probably 2 years now. We’ve not only been able to share some great deals like the 80% off codes, but also some free gift cards from us!

If you aren’t familiar with or have never used it, that’s okay! It’s easy! Basically you visit their site, type in your zip code and find participating restaurants. There you can use our codes like Coupon Code FALL for an additional 80% off. That will make a $25 gift certificate just $2!

Each restaurant is different. Some require a minimum order (example: spend $40 to use the $25 gift card) as well as an automatic 80% gratuity. So if you break it down, say you spend $40 on the dot. Add the $7.20 gratuity, plus the $2 you spent to get the certificate, total $49.20 plus tax. Subtract your $25 gift certificate and you basically get your meal half off! How sweet is that?

You don’t have to JUST take my word for it. Below we feature several “reviews” that our readers have submitted. For their reviews they received a $25 gift card!

My Husband and I use for everything. We stock up everytime they have one of their amazing sales like the one they are having now with an extra 80% off!! That way no matter how tight the budget is that month we alway have date night once a week. We use it for all of our favorite places and to try new ones we have always wanted to go to! They never expire which is awesome!! A lot of other sites are doing similar things but this is the only one that doesnt have an experation date and if you have questions their customer service is super friendly and helpful! What is there not to love about them!!


I purchased a code for Gusto in rochester. The site is very thorough on what the requirements are for using the cards. It was a little trouble to find the dinner of the month club. But overall it was a great experience!!!


I love using! my family goes out to eat alot and this helps alot too. all i do is log in and search my area or any area that i might be in and pick a restaurant and buy then print lol! so easy!

-Desiree is one of the coolest deal websites around. 1st time using it, you have to wonder if it’s too good to be true. But, once you’ve signed in, picked a restaurant, and entered the percent off code, you’re hooked. Most of the certificates are good for a year and you are reminded to use the certificate before it expires. We’ve never had any issues using one of the deals at any restaurant we’ve selected. We’ve been happy with the variety of restaurants available, the deals and the ease of ordering.


I have used several times now. At frist I was leary about how could this actually work. When I used my first certificate and the restaurant didnt even question my certificate I thought wow this was easy. So I bought another and had no issues. Since then I have been purchasing from regularly especially when they offer the sales $25 gift card for $2! They have a large selection of places to eat. Its very easy to search by city and location from you. I will be a long time customer for sure! Thanks for allowing me and my family to dine out for next to nothing!


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