Rewarding Those Who Bring the Free Samples


Some people have stories that they think their mail people steal their freebies. I am lucky enough to have one of the best mailman. We’ve been requesting freebies for years, and more-so recently our house has turned into a small business. We definitely keep our mail person busy!

Our mailman always goes above and beyond. I will see him spend 10 minutes talking to the older people in our community, plus just chatty people in general. I don’t know how he gets through his day! One elderly lady (who recently passed) would need help, so he would take the time to walk her back to her house so she got back okay. Recently he went the extra mile for me and I didn’t let it go unnoticed.

Noticing the Good

Recently we did our Starbucks giveaway for Frappachinos. As you may know they are in the glass bottles. Sometimes when I do a giveaway the sponsor sends me a “thank you” gift, so I got Starbucks Light as well.

Unfortunately one of the bottles broke in transition. My mailman personally delivered the damaged package to my door telling me it arrived this way, and if I needed to return it he documented it, and would vouch for me. Basically help me if I needed it. Of course it wasn’t necessary and the sponsor sent me additional coffee, but I thought it was still awesome. You could tell he honestly felt bad that it was broken, not knowing what the item was.

After that I logged on to the USPS website and went to the contact section. I sent out an email under “compliment” and wrote that we love our mailman, hes great, the story, etc.

About a week later he delivered a bunch of samples and some letters to the door. He had asked if I had wrote an email about him. I had said “yes, why?”. Apparently they gathered a bunch of his coworkers together and read it out loud. It had my name and APT # so he knew it was me. I thought that was great and I will make sure to do that more, he deserves it! It’s a small gesture to take a few minutes out of your time and recognize those doing a good job.

Gift Cards

Another way to notice those great people who are delivering our barrels of free samples is a gift card at the end of the year. You can take advantage of the holiday specials for restaurants etc.

I know Applebees always offer $10 in bonus cash when you buy $50 in gift cards. So not only are you doing something nice, you are also getting rewarded! Several stores offer their store credits if you buy xxx.xx in gift cards. I think CVS gives out as much as $25 if you buy a certain amount of cards.

Plus with all of the Swagbucks you are earning, you can spare one of your gift cards at the end of the year.

Thank you Mail People of the world! How do you show appreciate for your mail people?

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