Rite Aid Coupon Policy Change – Blame Extreme Couponing Show?


I’ve never been a big fan of Rite Aid, you can see my post about Rite Aids big fail. However we are seeing (in my opinion) some backlash from the show Extreme Couponing.

Rite Aid updated their coupon policy (view it here) with two important new terms.

BOGO coupons cannot be used with a BOGO free sale. (Getting 4 items free combining a coupon+sale)

They also added they may only accept 4 identical coupons for the same number of items as long there is enough to satisfy other customers… leaving it up to the store manager.

The second term sounds even worse for those who are stocking up on their favorite items when they get a good sale with a coupon match-up.

Do you think the Extreme Couponing show is effecting the stores policies?

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