Rite Aid Major Double Fail


While everyone was on the computer trying to get the Dr Oz freebies, I had a doctors appointment. As some of you know I have been working on weightloss and I am on the diet pill Phentermine. I weighed in at 10lbs lost since the last visit and I haven’t taken any of the diet pills for the past 2 months or so (hey i’ve been busy!). At least I have been able to keep the weight off without the pills 🙂

Anyways I set out with a plan after my appointment. I clipped the 2 $25 coupons for Rite Aid gift cards when you ‘transfer’ a prescription (in the 10/25 ad). I was also going to get the Toy Story 3 combo pack there. This was my deal scenario after my doctors appointment.

Fill 2 prescriptions
Pay a lot of money (total was $80 at CVS btw)
Get 2 $25 gift cards

Then go buy Toy Story 3 combo pack ($24.99?)
Use the $8 off printable coupon
Use my $10 up reward from the candy
Total = $6.99
Free after using a gift card

Sounds good right? Wrong.

First I go to the Pharmacy as planned. The first thing I do is pull out my coupon and make sure I can use them. She says no, they have to be “transferred”. So I tell her that one of the prescriptions is at Walmart. That doesn’t matter I have to have a transfer etc etc. I say oh well I know CVS will take them.

Then I go to the front and inquire about the Toy Story 3 movie. I have an UP reward, I might as well use it. After a few minutes the managers finally tell me they don’t have any copies of Toy Story 3. No copies?!?!? It’s the release date and it was one of the biggest movies of ALL TIME! #9 if you look it up!

I leave… I wasted a trip all the way to Rite Aid. I head over to CVS. The pharmacists takes my coupon with NO HESITATION. Don’t you think it’s a huge problem when your competitor will take your coupon, but you won’t.

Major Double Fail Rite Aid. Now I remember why I don’t usually shop at your stores.

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