Rodger Dodger Review and Giveaway

Recently we gave away The Very Hungry Caterpillar and donated one to a school. It is such a classic I was happy to be able to participate.

I just found another book that is brand new, and is a must have for any children’s personal library. My son has already read it several times and we just got it on Monday!

Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog

Rodger Dodger Dog></a></p> <p>First off I'd like to say that the author Jan Britland is awesome! I got to talk to her a bit on the phone about the book, the process, and just the conception of it. She found a wonderful illustrator named Michael Swain, and the rest came together.</p> <p>The idea of Rodger Dodger came from stories she told her kids on the way to school.</p> <blockquote><p>The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog started with a dog that was tied to a tree in Jan's New Jersey neighborhood.  The dog would climb up into the tree if it was raining or if it was hot to keep cool.  As she would drive her children to school, Jan would make up stories about

She put together books about Rodger Dodger, that rhyme very creatively. It reminds me of Dr Seuss a bit, but these rhymes actually make sense.

The first book, The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog is about 36 pages, which includes three different stories. You can read about Rodgers different tales. These include The Talented Dog, The Clever Dog, and The Strongest Dog.

Matthew Rodger Dodger

The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog is available on Amazon for $15.95. What is unique about that is there are only a small number of reviews since it is a new book, but they are ALL 5 stars.

A Christmas Story

adventures of rodger dodger dod christmasThe other Rodger Dodger book, A Christmas Story, may even be better! This is a must have book to add to your Christmas reading and purchases.

This one includes more of Rodger’s friends as they decorate, exchange presents, and show the meaning of Christmas. It’s a little bit longer than the first book (about 50 pages).

The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog is available on Amazon for $18.95.

Rodger Dodger Giveaway

Not only was I sent The Adventures of Rodger Dodger to review, I am also allowed to give out two copies of each book! Each winner will receive their own copy of The Adventures Rodger Dodger Dog and Rodger Dodger Dog, A Christmas Story.

Mandatory Entry: To enter you must become a fan of Rodger Dodger on Facebook. Comment below stating you became a fan. I’d also love comments on what you think of this book.

The winner will be chosen with After selected I will email the winner. They will have 72 hours to respond with their name/address before a new winner is chosen.

The contest will run until Thursday November 12th, 2009 at 11:59 PST.

The contest is valid for US residents.

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