Salonpas Pain Relief Patch Reader Reviews

salonpas painrelief patch

Last month we were able to work with Salonpas and offer our readers 100 free samples. The free sample offer was snatched up pretty fast! However if you weren’t able to get a free sample, you can visit the Salonpas Try Now page and request one. They offer 500 daily!

Some of our readers were nice enough to tell us what they thought. I even had someone come over the other day and notice the Salonpas logo on my fridge. He mentioned he buys that for his dad and so I gave him a few samples I had extra.

Below we have quite a few opinions on the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch. If you are thinking about trying it you should read these first:

I used the Salonpas on my shoulder that has been bothersome for approximately two months. I believe the combination of doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD workout and the Salonpas has virtually eliminated the nagging pain. I am able to move my shoulder freely and rarely feel even a tiny amount of pain any longer. I’m sold!

– Pamela

I have three bulging disks in my back, I am unable to talk certain pills due to a liver disease so withthat being said a patch is probably the best option for me. I really liked how the Salonpas patch made the pain less and I got a goodnight sleep. I will be buying some in the future and I will also recommend them to my friends and family.


I thought the Salonpas patch was great. It provided very quick relief to my aching lower back and it also kept providing relief for quite a few hours. Actually, when I removed the patch after six hours it was still working.

This is a fantastic product. I would recommend it to any family, friends or co workers who were experiencing muscle soreness and needed some relief.

What I liked most about the product was how quickly I began to feel the soothing effect it produced and also how long it worked for.

Ray Clothier
Philadelphia, PA

We received our free sample from you of Salonspas. Thank you, it came quick! Anyway, I did not use them myself, but my son (age 22) tried one and almost felt immediately queasy and lightheaded and ended up taking off the patch and feeling better. He will stick to ibuprofen. But then my daughter tried one for her back/hip area ache and she loves them. She started feeling relief right away and it lasted for hours. So she is using the rest of the patches as needed and I will use the coupon for more when she needs them. Just shows that not every product works for every person and samples are a great way to try out a product.

– Marty P.

I get severe pains in my ankle from an injury when I was a child. It’s especially bad with the weather change, or after being on my feet all day like I do at work. I used a patch after work one day, and was really impressed that it took most of the pain away. It didn’t take terribly long to kick in, and didn’t wear off quickly. I will more than likely be buying some of these in the future. They’re quick and convenient, and work amazingly!
I like the convenience of the patches. Theyre not too small but not too big, and don’t smell extremely bad.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who has any kinds of pains, and those who want a quick fix to small aches and pains.

– Sonya P

I myself did not try the patch but my husband who has shoulder pain/arthritis loved them. He said they stay stuck in place well and don’t move much and worked great at relieving his pain.

– Melissa Johnson-Rothmund

The product works miracles. It helped easy the back and neck pains that no other over the counter medication would. I would love to tell everyone that this product is worth the price and it is very great for relieving pain.

– Dana

Well I haven’t had a reason to try Salonpas yet, but my husband did. His elbow was hurting him, and he said at first it almost hurt a little worse, but after a minute started feeling better, he used one a second time so they definitely were working for him. Thanks!

– Wendy

I liked this product a lot. I am on the computer all the time and was getting the knot in the shoulder from using my mouse so much. When I received the patches in the mail I put one on right away. I did take almost all of the pain away. The patches work great, and they really stay in place. The scent was a bit overpowering but that might have been because it was so close to my face. I would recomend this to anyone with any sort of muscle or back pain.

It did an amazing job on my neck and shoulder. Thank you for sending it to me.

– Pleshette M.

Hi and thank you for the free sample of the Salonpas! I actually had a really bad stiff neck and used one and it worked great. Came in very handy. Thank you 🙂

– Jen

The Salonpas patch is awesome! I love the fact that I can target pain in a specific and singular place by placing the patch directly on it, such as my knee, which often suffers from arthritis. The patches truly make me feel better and more able to go about my day.

I most enjoy the quick and easy relief, without the icky gunk from creams or digestive side effects as from pills.

I would definitely recommend this product, and already have, to my family and friends– especially my horseback riding friends with sore muscles like me!

– Twiggy Rhayne

I really enjoy this freebie. I got hit in the knee when i was 18 and now everytime it gets cold my knee hurts so i put one on the other day and my pain was gone.

– Pamela Simons

I got this for my husband and he used it on his back. He said it worked for him. He really liked it.

– Darcy

The Salonpas patch was easy to apply. I used it on my lower back and found it to be comfortable. The medicine in it worked as well as some of the roll on products I have used for pain, so I’m not sure if I would switch to a patch that only covers a limited area or not.
– Tina

I have used a few different types of medicated/heat pads such as Salonpas, and with each one the results vary. With this sample I used (1) pad on my leg where I have tendinitis, and (2) on my left shoulder blade where I have a spasm that consistently bothers me. The adhesive definitely worked well on my back and stayed in place, however it did not really stay in place on my leg because it kept rolling and eventually fell off. I really felt like the heat/medication helped for about 3-4 hours but after that I didn’t really feel it anymore. After sleeping with this on my back however, I did not have immediate pain the next day when I woke up, which was nice, but it gradually came back through out the afternoon.

What you enjoyed/liked most: Oddly enough, I really liked the way this smelled … it reminded me of a pink peppermint candy that my parents use to buy when I was a child.

Would you recommend this product and to who if so: I would recommend this product to some one that did not have major pain issues, because I think it is better for muscle and temporary pains.

– Shannon Mooney

I really liked the material used for the patch and how thin an flexible it was. However I found the patch did not stick and did not help any pain I had when I used them. I would not recommend the Salonpas.

– Lonna

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