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I’m always looking for you to save money online, as well as make a bit of money. Our friend Brittany from The Greer Five wrote a great write-up about an excellent website that will save you money.

Save for College the Smart Way!

I have three kids and to be honest my husband and I might have had more, but there was one thing holding us back – money. Not money now, no, future money. Three kids equal up to three cars, three closets of clothing, three kids needing shoes every six months give or take and three kids that we want to go to college. While we can hope and pray that they get scholarships to attend college having a backup plan is always good too.

That’s when I happened upon UPromise. I’ve been using UPromise since 2005 and there are times I go for months without even logging into it. When I do eventually log back in, I am always surprised by what has been saved towards my kids’ future. I’m saving money just by having an account with them!

The steps to opening a UPromise account are super simple. Picking a username, password those kind of options. When you register you can apply for their cards, or just say no thanks and continue through to your UPromise homepage.

Once you have you account up and going, including adding the children you want to save for, you have tons of options on ways to save.

  1. Grocery Shopping Cards (i.e Safeway, Krogers etc) – Make sure you load all of your grocery shopping cards! There are a bunch of stores participating, so don’t miss this easy option. Just go to “My Profile” and add your card.
  2. Enter Your Debit/Credit Card For Saving – It’s safe & secure. Or at least has been for me. I’ve put in all my cards and have had NO problems with it. Same thing as the grocery card, go to My Profile and add a card.
  3. Prepaid Gift Cards – again so easy.
  4. Shopping Online – enough said.

After you login it gives you a rundown of how much you have saved. You can see saving by beneficiaries, invite family & friends to start saving for your kids and more. If you don’t have any kids, don’t worry, you can save for yourself!

You can also see a rundown of savings by company. For instance I’ve saved $13.56 by purchasing plane tickets with Expedia through UPromise. I buy plane tickets already for my husband to travel back and forth to work, while going through Upromise I get a percentage back towards my kids’ future. Big plus! You can allocate a certain percentage of your savings to each child, shop online and in store, eat out and save and more.

UPromise also now has an add-on for Firefox called Turbo Saver that alerts you to deals, shows you coupons and more.

To me using UPromise is a no brainer – you just should do it. It’s always amazing to me to see how everyday normal products I buy, like Coca–Cola can save for my kids’ future.

Save for College the Smart Way!

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