Save Money With Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

If you haven’t heard of you are missing out. Save money every time you go out to eat. They offer $25 gift certificates to certain restaurants for only $10.

To get started simply enter in your zip code to find participating restaurants. You can define your search as you want to by how many miles away you want to find.

Most offers come with a minimum purchase or gratuity charge, but it’s still giving you a huge discount! Of course we found a way to get it even cheaper. Use coupon code JOY to get a $25 gift certificate for only $1!

Note: You can also use the code for the Dinner of the Month Club (12 $25 certificates and 1 FREE $50 certificate) where you will only pay $24! That’s $350 worth of restaurant certificates for only $24!

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I paid $2 when they had that nice sale going on. Paying for it was easy, I just used my credit card. It’s like shopping on amazon, simple clicks and typing. I really enjoyed the simplicity and ease of their website and registration and pay.

I also had a situation arise, nothing bad, and had to contact customer service. They responded right away and were extremely polite. It took around 30ish hours for them to respond, which is quick for email responses personally. I will be purchasing from them again!

I used the restaurant certificate at a local place called Jonathan Byrd’s. I had never been there, nor had I actually ever used a certificate! I was quite impressed. I got the fried chicken which they’re apparently known for. And my husband got a steak of course. My son had chicken and fries. It was quite enjoyable, and well worth the 30 minute trip.

The restaurant wasn’t over decorated, too loud, and was very family oriented which made our dinner extremely enjoyable. I would love to go again! And maybe next time try the steak haha.
Sonya Poll

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