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Scan Digital

I love to share websites that offer anything with photos. We’ve been able to share some great deals and offers for photo prints, cards, and more. But what about converting old photos or VHS tapes to something digital?

My family has tons of old pictures as well as old VHS that they are worried about losing. My grandmother is 85, and some of those pictures were handed down to her, so you can imagine how old they are!

I found a website called Scan Digital that pretty much does whatever you need in converting old photos or slides into a digital image. You can convert photos to CD or video transfers (VHS to DVD). They can do your photos, albums, slides, negatives, and home movies.

The website is pretty straight forward and you can get started right when you visit their website.

Basically you just place whatever order you want and set up the shipping. After they receive your order, they do everything manually and touch up the pictures when needed. Your photos can then be shared online, with friends and family.

You will then get your original copies back as well the digital copies they made.

Coupon Code

We are always about saving money, I never make a purchase unless I check for coupons first! Well I even found one for Scan Digital.

To save you a little bit of money, make sure to use Scan Digital coupon code CREATIVE15 to take 15% off your order!

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