Scented Challenge Accepted

We’ve hit a challenge but we need YOUR help to complete this challenge!

Our challenge is to sell at least 6 total 6-packs of Scentsy Bars by July 31st!

You’ll get 6 bars of your choice for only $25 plus shipping! That’s like buying 5 bars and getting one FREE!!!!

Scentsy, the safest way to melt wax and have your house smell good, offers a variety of warmers and scents. They don’t warm up to extremely hot to touch, so they’re safe around kids. You can put your fingers in the wax after it’s fully melted and been warming for 3 days and not get burned! My kids have done it many times, even spilled it on themselves, and we’ve had no burns!

They also offer the cutest little Scentsy Buddies, perfect for decoration or for the kids! (The Scent Pak is safe for kids, don’t worry.)


And the Scentsy Layers line is wonderful, and has amazing products for the summer such as lotion and lip balm with SPF! There areĀ also some amazing scents for shower gels, washer and dryer additions, hand sanitizer and more!

What are you waiting for? Get your 6-pack and/or a warmer today!

Feel free to message me if you have any questions or need any help!

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