Send a Free Gift Card to Friends

Update: Some people questioned if this was real or not. Below we added a screenshot of the Sephora gift card being used.

Everyone deserves a nice gift every now and then, especially when it’s a free gift! So why not send everyone you know a free gift card?!?!

It’s so easy! Here’s how:

Head over to Wrapp and you can send your friends gift cards to:

  • $5 to Sephora (can be used online, or in store, up to 3 cards per online order)
  • $5 to Gap (in store only you would have to download the app to your smart phone to use this one)
  • $5 to (limit one gc per order)
  • $5 to H&M
  • $5 to
  • $5 to Brooklyn industries
  • $5 to Happy Socks
  • $5 to ┬áBjorn Borg
  • $10 to
  • $10 to WESC
  • FREE One Month Subscription to WSJ Digital

All you need to do is head over here to Wrapp on facebook, give the app permission, select a friend, choose the gift card (make sure you allow it to post to their facebook!), write a little note and send! You MUST have facebook, and so must your friend!


A copy of my receipt! I used 3 Sephora gift cards in one transaction. All free gift cards from Wrapp!

-Posted by Sonya

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