Should We Remove Free Sample Posts at the Companies Request?

Last night I posed a question on Facebook after finding a comment from a company asking us to remove their free sample posting we made. I thought it would be a good discussion point, but I took some heat from it. People are passionate about their feelings, I respect that, however it gets tricky.

Especially on the internet.

Personally I think it’s a silly request to ask of after they have offered the sample for over 2 years… and really just a silly request in general. The free sample offer is from Bragg Health and they asked us to remove the post since they are “a small company”. I get that part, but they can also limit how many they send each month…day…year.. etc.

I turned to our Facebook community and got pretty mixed responses as if I should remove it or not.

My decision is not to remove the post. However I will not be mentioning it again on this website or our Facebook page. I think that is fair on both sides.

This will protect them from getting a ‘blast’ of new submissions, but also allowing our readers to find their offer on our site.

What do you think?

Really I think the best way for a site to prevent this sort of thing is offer a maximum amount of samples then REMOVE the offer themselves. Below you can answer our poll:

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