Sports Guys Review and Giveaway

football-guys-package sent us a nice gift to review. Their product “Sports Guys” are a great for any sport. They include Football, College Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer. The sets come complete with players, a field, accessories and referees. The recommended age for these toys are 3-8 years old.

We received the Football Sports Guys pack for my 4 year old son, and so far he has enjoyed playing with them. He’s very imaginative and has already found other uses for the football field (he’s lined up his cars on the field) as well as pretend to play a few games of football. After interrogating him he gave me some pros and cons of the Football Guys package (along with my own thoughts).

Sports Guys Picture


Easy set-up and clean-up. The felt field easily folds up, and the players and goal posts all fit in an easy storage case.

There are no rules, you can decide to play however you like. Sometimes our poor referee gets mixed up in the game!

It’s fun! The ideas for this are endless, whether it’s entertaining young kids during a real football game, or pulling this out on game day for everyone to kind of check out during commercials. (especially the College Sports Guys)

It’s something different, I haven’t heard any of these toys until I found the Kaskey Kids website online. I know I would have enjoyed playing with this when I was younger.

It’s pretty affordable, at only a little more than $20 I can see buying the other sets, I know we would like the soccer one as well.



The field is okay, but since it’s felt a few times we knocked over our players on accident when moving around on the table.

The lineman are hard to set-up at first and it can frustrating for the little one.

Where’s the ball? No ball comes with the football set, so that means the goal posts are kind of pointless. We wouldn’t mind an extra referee as well.

It could be a little more custom. The college football players look cool, you can chose between 10 different colleges. I would like to see that increase a bit, I’d pay the extra couple of dollars to get it our hometown (maybe SDSU or USC?).

Prices and Coupons

The regular sets are all $24.99, but the college football set is $28.99. The only thing you may not like is that the shipping can be a little high ($5-8) depending on your location I’m guessing. Id definitely like to see it lowered a bit.

However once you’ve bought a set you can get extra mini packs for only $9.99.

If you want to buy these online, we were giving an exclusive coupon code you can use. Use Kaskey Kids coupon code IAFO to receive 10% off your entire order. This coupon is valid through September 30th, 2009.

Check out where you can buy them at stores. With the store locator find out where they sell the Sports Guys. I was surprised to see several in my area!


Sports Guys Giveaway

Update: I wrote down all of the entries, #44 wins! WTG Tiffany, thank you to everyone who entered.

On top of the review and of course the coupon code, we’ve also been given a set of Sports Guys to giveaway!

One lucky entrant will receive a Sports Guys set of their choice. Regardless of the sport you like, pick whatever you want! If you don’t have kids this is the perfect item to re-gift for birthdays and holidays, or even keep for yourself on game days.

To enter the contest there will be only three ways to enter.

Mandatory: To get your first valid entry, you must visit the Kaskey Kids website and tell me which Sports Guys set you would like to win. Each comment MUST include this info to be valid.

Second: Our Twitter following is a little low, so make sure to Follow Us on Twitter. When you comment on this post, if you are following us make sure to include your twitter name like @NewFreeSamples, so we can confirm your entry.

Third: Tweet about the contest linking to this contest post, or Make sure to comment that you have done so.

The winner will be chosen with The contest will last two weeks, the entries will count from now until September 13th, 2009 at 11:59 PST.

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