Sun-Maid New Taste Of Tradition Recipe Booklet Offer

UPDATE:  Looks like this one is back again!  Choose from sunmaid.giffive recipe booklets here!

For those who love raisins or have kids who do, this offer is for you. You can get a Recipe Booklet for Sun-Maid raisins. I’ve already received something similar to this and there are a bunch of different recipes you can do, all with raisins. My son could eat boxes of these raisins.

It’s fun to see how far this website has come as well as our writing style and formatting. The above post was written in 2007! That would make my son not even 2 years old yet.

Well it’s nice to see that offer is still available. You can visit this Sun-Maid page and request your free recipe booklet. You can choose between the Fruit & Sunshine or the New Taste of Tradition recipe books.

After you submit and confirm you should receive your free recipe book soon. I got mine in two weeks!

Thanks Emily Browning!

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