Swagbucks Race to 100 Contest

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I often promote Swagbucks and a lot of people who I have referred like using it. Some have already earned 100’s of Swagbucks. That means $!

Swagbucks has a unique referral system. For every referral I get search and win bucks, when my referral does. So say you find 5 Swagbucks searching everyday, that means so do I. I get bucks until your first 100.

Well some of my referrals have 100 already, and some are at 0. I’d love to reward those people who are earning me bucks.

*Note: When you join don’t forget to install the toolbar, there will be codes all week!*

Swagbucks Contest

I am looking to reward the first 3 people who earn 100 Swagbucks through searching. The first 3 people will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

So if you earn 100 bucks that means you can redeem for 2 Amazon cards, as well as the one I will give you. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

To Enter:

Entry is easy, if you signed up as my referral comment below with the name that you signed up with. For example mine would be Matthew H.

If you haven’t registered, click my referral link, and start searching.

This is ongoing, I won’t stop the contest until we get at least 3 people at 100. The only people who are not eligible are my referrals that have already reached 100 search and win bucks (sorry!).

As people get closer I will put up a leader board.

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