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The current news coverage lately has been pretty focused on the major happenings. Those have been mostly the Royal Wedding and the death of Osama Bin Ladin.

If you can’t get enough about the big news topics… well… there’s an app for that! An iPad app that is. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad to check it out first, but I can tell you a little about it.

the collection is a single monthly topic magazine for the iPad that includes text, video, photography, and more. Their inaugural issue is all about Prince William, the Royal Family, and the Royal Wedding. I can only guess what the next issue is about… (Osama perhaps?)

The Collection issues run to be $5 per issue. Depending on the topic of each issue, I wouldn’t mind shelling out $5 if it was something that interested me.

Win an iPad

If you don’t have an iPad like me, there is a chance to win one!

enter to win an iPad complete with The Collection App (free for the rest of the year) by sending the tweet below:

Stay up-to-date with current events by using #thecollection iPad App

I entered by tweeting earlier! I hope one of us wins! The contest ends May 15th 2011 at 11:59PM EST. That only gives us a few more days.

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