Toddler Bed Deals? Reader Question

Yesterday I got this message and was hoping for some feedback. I know we have some great deal finders so maybe we can get some help.

Recently my husband lost his job, things haven’t been the best they could be, our moods were shot to heck but because of you & your hard work you’ve really brightened our days. I know it sounds silly, but I would use a coupon here or there, maybe get a free sample once a year but a previous job loss last Summer brought me to your site everyday (and your FB page too). It’s allowed me to get things we need, try out things without spending money in case we didn’t like them, and even win a few little things here and there.

Your updates during Christmas allowed us to put so much more under the tree than we thought we could. I truly do appreciate the hard work you put into the site.

With that I have one question, do you know anywhere with Walmart coupons? Our son needs a toddler bed and to be honest it’s a big chunk of change but cheaper than the craigslist in our area I’ve seen (And I wouldn’t buy him a used mattress anyways, I’m picky about that). And honestly the price is great on the bed/mattress just a bit more than we can do at the moment. I figured it’s best to ask the pro’s instead of putting viruses on my computer clicking anything that says “Walmart coupon”..haha. Thank you & keep up the hard work!!

> Sabrina (Argyle Sabrina on FB)

To start off I love reader feedback and compliments (not a fan of complaints but I’ll take those too) so thank you for that. Second it just reinforces how much I love this site and our online family/community. Now let’s get down to business!

I suggested this one from Walmart that is $59, but it doesn’t include the mattress or free shipping.

After mattress and shipping add another $10 to it to hit around $125.

Is there any better deals than that? Let’s help Sabrina out!

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