Top 5 Freebies in January

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I enjoyed looking back at the top freebies and deals of 2009 so I thought it would be fun to revisit which freebies were most “popular” each month. You may even pick up some freebies you may have missed. But you would never miss a freebie right?

Free Oreo Cookies – This was easily the most popular freebie from Oreo. They offered free bags of Oreos to their Facebook fans for one day only. The coupons are in the mail (according to the fan page).

Free Samples of Kotex – Considering that many of our visitors our women, this one doesn’t surprise me. It’s such a great and useful freebie, and it is still available!

Free Sample of Caramel Apples – I know many were excited about this, but this freebie doesn’t appear to be legit. If you re-visit the website that was offering this, it’s no longer working.

Free Sample of Gold Bond Hand Sanitizer – Walmart freebies have seemed to slow down, but this one has lasted for a while. It’s still available!

Free Atkins Bars – This one has to be my favorite. Not only was it healthy, but actually good! On top of that it came in 1-2 weeks. Again, this freebie is still available.

After putting this together I was pretty surprised that a lot of the offers that have been around, are still available! That doesn’t happen very often, I can only imagine how many people submitted for the Atkins freebie.

What were your favorites in January?

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