Top Freebies and Deals of 2009


I thought it would be fun to go through the year and find the most popular freebies and deals we had in 2009. I based this strictly on the traffic that each page received. Different things of course influence this, social media popularity (Facebook and Twitter) as well as search engine rankings etc. While these may not be your favorite freebies, these are It’s All Free Online’s most popular.

Top Freebies of 2009

Free Popcorn at AMC

This was a our most popular freebie strictly due to the fact that they offered this ongoing coupon so much. However, they stopped updating the coupon in early November. However don’t forget that Movie Watcher members get free popcorn on Wednesday’s, no coupon needed.

Free Pampers Diaper

Baby samples are always a popular category. We received a lot of people searching in Google for this one, and came up as our second most popular free sample.

Avril Lavigne Perfume (still available)

While our international reader base isn’t big, this free sample was our #1 international free sample. If you are in the UK or other countries listed you can still sign-up for it.

Dunkin Donuts Coffee (still available)

I first mentioned the free sample Dunkin Donuts coffee offer back in July, but keep it updated as it has been an ongoing free sample. Now they even are offering a new flavor.

Betty Crocker Potatoes

The free sample of Betty Crocker potatoes campaign came back twice, so it was able to make our list. Even though it took a while to receive this freebie was a good one.

Mars Free Chocolate

This one had to be my favorite in 2009. Every Friday Mars offered a coupon for a free chocolate bar. They limited 4 for the campaign. I was able to get all four, use one, and offer the rest for our Freebie Friday giveaways.

Top Deals of 2009

Arby’s Free Wednesdays

I also wanted to include some of the top deals of 2009, and Arby’s was easily on top. Every Wednesday we got loads of Google searches for people looking to see what would be free that day. We even got a rep from Arby’s find the post!

Domino’s Carryout Deal

Domino’s did two big campaigns where they offered a large one-topping pizzas for only $5.99, which is why it was popular for us. They also did lots of giveaways on their Twitter.

Michael Jackson Posters

Many people made lots of money after Michael Jackson died, and I WASNT one of them. I don’t believe in profiting from someones death so I didn’t jump in and try to start selling stuff. About a week later I did feature MJ posters for only $5.95. I thought it was a great way to get your own “piece” of MJ and not spend a lot.

Free Magazine Deals

Throughout the year we’ve listed lots of great for free. From Maxim to Oprah I currently subscribe to probably a half dozen of magazines that I pay nothing for.

Vista Print

Our Vista Print offers are always popular. Easily the free t-shirt and 250 free business cards offer is always good to use. I’ll never ‘pay’ for business cards again (except maybe for shipping)!


2009 was easily our most successful year, a lot of that has to do with our great Facebook community that not only participates, but also spreads the word about the site.

Going into 2009 I am working on bigger contests, better promotions, and overall more fun! I am continually looking for sponsors for not only Freebie Friday but site wide sponsorships and fun contests. If there is anything you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate.

Happy New Year! 2010 Here We Come.

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