Top Freebies in February 2010

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Everyone has a different taste in what they like, so I always find it interesting to see which freebies become the most popular. These findings are just our own personal stats on our website, nothing official.

Top Freebies for February

Free Sample of Sweet Libertine Mineral Cosmetics – This was easily the most popular one, ladies and their makeup! I don’t think this one has been sent out just yet, but there it’s early. Unfortunately their free sample program has been temporarily paused, but the minute it goes back live you will know it.

Free Uni-Ball Pen – The free pen offer has been floating around for a while. Everyday they have 10,000 pens to giveaway. Myself and a bunch of our Facebook fans have already received their free pens! The promotion is still valid through April 30th, 2010. Maybe we’ll see it as top freebie for March?

Free Sample of Febreze and Swiffer – I got mixed feedback on this one, since it is “technically” for businesses. However I am still hopeful it will come either way. It’s still valid and you can also get other free samples from the same location.

Free Sample of Excedrin – February was definitely Excedrin month. From all the free coupons, to the coupon deals, to the free after coupon offers, hopefully you got some free Excedrin. They stopped that promotion, but you can still get $1 off coupons.

Free Sample of Burt’s Bees Toothpaste – I can honestly say I’ve never tried Burt’s Bees, but I know it’s a popular brand. In the past people have complained that their free promotions are lacking. But you can still sign-up for the free toothpaste.

Were these your favorites in February?

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