Trojan Condom Free Sample

Trojan Condoms

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Trojan Condoms are offering a free sample of their products. Trojan is the most popular brand in the United States, 70.5 percent of condoms purchased in United States drugstores are Trojan contraceptives.

To get your free sample of Trojan Condoms, fill out this form. One condom per name per address.

Don’t worry your free sample will be mailed in a very discreet envelope, so now embarrassing looks from the mail delivery or neighbors.

You have 4 choices of condoms:

  • Trojan ENZ
  • Trojan Stimulations ECSTASY
  • Trojan Her Pleasure ECSTASY
  • Magnum ECSTASY

This offer is for a limited time only. Make sure to put a home address, no PO boxes. Must be 18 year or older.

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