Two Free Samples of Anti-Chafing Creams

This is the first that I’m seeing the DZ-Nuts sample, however the Lanacane has been offered before and is back again!  Might be good samples for any of our members that are cyclists, runners, or the like.

DZ-Nuts is offering a free sample of their DZ-nuts High Viscosity Chamois Cream for exercise related chafing.  Fill in and submit the form for your free sample.  You can also find out more about this product, it’s uses, and it’s ingredients here.

Lanacane is also offering a free sample of their Anti-Chafing Gel.  Just fill out the survey and submit your info to receive your free sample. 

Please be aware that both sites are moving pretty slow at this time.

Both samples are “while supplies last” and one per household.  Available in the US only.


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