Two Free Samples of Condoms

Beyond Seven Condom Free Sample

Any ‘protection’ or ‘pleasure’ items can be pretty expensive in the store. That may be why teen pregnancy is high, who knows. All I know is free samples!

To get your free sample of Beyond Seven Condoms fill out the questionnaire. It’s 16 questions, but they are all easy and multiple choice.

You will receive your free sample in 8-10 weeks in a ‘discreet package’. Only one sample per household, 18 years or older, and US only.

The second one is from Horny Goat Brewing. This one is a bit trickier. Start at the homepage and select 21 or over, select “where to get horny” and then click the free samples in the bottom corner. Then of course fill out your name and address.

It may be hard waiting for these to come in the mail, so be safe in the meantime!

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