Up to $900 for Free Cruise Calls

This one has been making it’s rounds. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify, but you might! Its a nice chunk of change.

Get up to $900 for receiving free cruise calls. You could get up to $300 per call on this one! All you have to do is check if your number qualifies, then if it does, fill out the claim.

First click here and then you can see if you are eligible. Go to file a claim then “I did NOT receive a notice and do not have a claim number, but would like to see if my phone number is a part of this settlement and File securely Online.” You will be able to enter your number to see if it qualifies.

Claims must be received by November 3rd, 2017.

The class action lawsuit claims Resort Marketing Group made illegal robocalls on behalf of Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian. The lawsuit claims those calls violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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