Vimtag Monitoring and Surveillance Camera Review

When I first thought about receiving a security camera for review I didn’t even think of the endless potential that it could be used for. Just from taking it out of the box and getting it set up I am extremely impressed.

vimtag camera
Vimtag Camera

The first thing I think of is for security but it could be used for so many different things. Whether you want it to monitor your pets, baby, nanny, business, or other things its perfect for it and easy to access.

It only took me a few minutes to set up and install the app on my phone. You can access the camera feed from a phone, tablet, or PC. From there you are basically ready to go! The camera rotates with just a movement on your finger from the app so placement is extremely easy. You could place it in the center of the room if you wanted to.


As mentioned the camera rotates so you can monitor everywhere. In addition you can either hear sounds or talk in to it. I think that is where the baby monitor idea is perfect! Not only can you hear and see your child but you can also talk back. This would of been ideal when my son was a baby.

You can record video or have it set to record at a certain time. You do have to buy a SD memory card though to store your video recordings.

I was also impressed by the high resolution of the camera. I expected it to be grainy or choppy. However it is extremely clear! It was pretty impressive especially compared to the surveillance footage I’ve seen from banks on the news.

Buy a Vimtag Camera

I would recommend purchasing the Vimtag camera on Amazon. It’s currently listed for $109.99. I am pretty big on looking at reviews myself and this one is not only a best seller but has 4/5 stars.

I was compensated for this review, but these are my opinions of the product.

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