Walmart Coupon Policy

One of the biggest problems for people who like freebies (besides not having a printer) is redeeming printable coupons. Instead of companies sending out tons of samples, they often offer free product coupons, or coupons for the value of the cost of the item. Therefore making it free!

There are often problems with redeeming them. One of the biggest culprits is Walmart. However they have launched a brand new coupon policy.

It states they will take manufacturer coupons, print at home internet coupons, competitors coupons that features a specific item for a specified price, soft drink containers, and catalinas.

They WILL NOT take print at home free product coupons and competitors coupons for dollars, cents, percentages, or BOGO.

I would make sure to have this printable Walmart Coupon Policy available with you when you are checking out. I think there will still be some problems with the “print at home” free coupons. Sometimes when I redeem coupons like that, some… let’s call… not coupon educated people still think they are printed when they are clearly not.

What do you think of their new policy?

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