Walmart Savings Catcher

walmart savings catcher

Hi, my name is Julie and I will be posting about different things I have gotten for free or have gotten great deals from. One of the sites I really love and have found really useful is the Walmart Savings Catcher.

You enter the number from the bottom of your Walmart receipt and they search the different stores in your area. If they find an item for cheaper, you get paid the difference. For instance, if you bought a bag of chips for $2.00 at Walmart and a different store has that same brand on sale for $1.50 you would get 50 cents on your Walmart savings catcher account.

Plus if you get a Bluebird Card from Walmart they will double the amount if you put the money on the card. I have been able to get quite a few free things from Walmart using the money I have gotten back from the program!

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