Your Freebie Fail Is Not My Fault

not my fault

You may have seen a free dog shampoo sample going around last month. I never got around to posting it on this site, but I know someone shared it with our Facebook page as well. The other day I got an email from the company.

Here is a partial copy of it below:

Dogster Email

Basically it sounds like they are blaming freebie sites, like mine for their mistakes. If you are going to offer anything for free you should expect to get some kind of demand. It’s nice to try to make it up to those who signed up with codes and all that, but why do you feel the need to blame freebie sites first?

Everyday I spend hours searching to share freebies, coupons, and deals for my readers. Yes I get paid from the ads on my site, but most of the time these companies and freebies I write ABOUT aren’t paying me anything. (unless I state otherwise)

So I am advertising THEIR SITE and THEIR PRODUCTS for FREE. Then to see an email like that really makes me mad.

If this was the first time I’d let it go, but I’ve received several emails like this in the past. Since the “freebie sites” pick up their offers they either can’t handle the demand, or apologize they can’t send out the demand.

What if we didn’t write about the offer at all and no one signed up?

There Is An Exception

With the negative I also wanted to mention a company that I thought went above and beyond.

In November, Dentek offered free sample floss picks through Walmart. Several of the “freebie sites” including me (@NewFreeSamples) tweeted about the freebie.

Dentek went through, followed, and thanked nearly EVERYONE that tweeted about the freebie. I thought that was very cool, and appreciate companies reaching back out to those who are making these freebie campaigns successful.

I do it just because I like to share the freebies with everyone. Without our awesome Facebook community, I don’t know if it would be worth it! The thank you’s and appreciation for the free stuff is awesome and keeps me motivated. Even if I am just affecting lives in a small way, it still makes me feel good!

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