Abra $25 Bonus

ABRA allows you to easily invest in 28 different cryptocurrencies. I think there are a few that could be really good right now, especially XRP. It’s priced around $0.50 on the dollar and can definitely increase.

Sign up to ABRA and deposit $5 to get a $25 bonus. You must use this link and download the app. After you do so, deposit $5. I got my $25 bonus in about two days.

Once you deposit $5 you will get $25 bitcoin. If you don’t want bitcoin you can always sell it or exchange it for another currency.

You can also get a free $10 in BitCoin from Coinbase.

Free Stock Shares from Robinhood

free stock robinhood

Not too long ago T-Mobile gave away shares for free and I got one! I got about $30 for it. I thought that was a pretty nice freebie! Now that I found this one, it’s even better!

You can now get free stock shares from Robinhood. You can get them from companies like Apple, Ford, Sprint and others, valued anywhere from $2-$200.

Use this link to sign up to get your free stock share. After you are almost done, it will ask you to link your bank account. You can skip that step until you are ready to cash out if you’d like.

You can sign up and then download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

1 in 20 chance of getting Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft.
1 in 30 chance of getting Ford, Sprint, or FCX

Earn more shares by referring your friends!

Update: I was able to cash out successfully! If you signed up when I first shared this offer you should be able to cash out too!

Free Bag of Skittles

Are you ready for some football? Some Monday night football? Well if not, you don’t even have to watch… sign up and get notified for your freebie.

Get a free bag of Skittles. Click here and start a conversation with Skittles. Type in Get Started to have the prompts start to sign up.

If an END REVERSE or other qualifying trick play on a Monday Night Football game you can get a free bag of skittles.

Don’t forget to sign up for a free Snickers bar as well.

Free Sample of SASMAR Lubricant

I’ve worked with SASMAR in the past to offer free samples to our readers. Now they have a sample program available for everyone.

Get a free sample of SASMAR personal lubricant. Click here and select between “classic” and “original”.

Available for residents of United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. One sample per household.

Make sure you confirm your email address.

I first shared this on Nov 30th, 2017 and received it on January 17th, 2018

Free Snickers Candy Bar

I love that football is back! Not only have I been able to win some instant win games around it, there are always more promotions available. There is now one that is going to be every Monday night.

Get a chance to get a free Snickers bar. Click this link and open a messenger conversation with Snickers.

You may need to type in Get Started to have them start the messages. Click the prompts and respond to enter. Watch for a message alert during the game.

If a Kick Off goes out of bounds during the game you will get a free snickers. This is very likely.

You can also get a free bag of Skittles.

Google Home Mini Only 99 Cents

Make sure to complete the steps as follows. I was able to successfully order one!

Get a Google Home Mini for just 99 cents. Click here and sup up for a NEW free Spotify account. Pay the 99 cents to get a premium account. I used Paypal, it was very easy.

After you do that click here and sign up to the family plan. It will say that there is a $14.99 fee, but there isn’t. I wasn’t charged.

Then you can claim your Google Home Mini. Add it to your cart and at checkout you will see that it’s FREE. The Coral color is the only one in stock.

Now so you don’t get charged for the Spotify account later, click here and then choose change/cancel. Cancel the account. You will still have access to it until January, you just won’t be charged again.

Lastly if you did get a charge more than 99 cents for some reason click here, then account, then other, so you can chat for a refund.

Domino’s Pizza Gift Card Giveaway 27,500 Winners

dominos gift card 37000

They have done this promotion a few times and there are always lots of winners. I usually am able to score at least a $5 gift card.

Sign up for the Domino’s Pizza Text to Win Promotion for a heads up when the contest goes live. When it does the first 27,500+ people who are the fastest to text back will win a Domino’s gift card.

Fastest person: Five $100 Domino’s Pizza e-gift cards
2nd fastest person: $100 Domino’s Pizza e-gift card
3rd fastest person: $50 Domino’s Pizza e-gift card
4th fastest to 7,503rd fastest person: $5 Domino’s Pizza promotional e-gift code
7,504th to 27,503rd fastest person: $4 Domino’s Pizza promotional e-gift code/blockquote>

Remember it can go live anytime between now and November 21st.

Free $10 from BeFrugal

BeFrugal Members

If you are doing any online shopping this holiday season, its great to get free money back just for shopping.

Get $10 free from BeFrugal. Join using this link and get $10 added to your account. Once you are a member visit the site before you shop to get the cash back.

I’ve been able to cash out on this site already!

Free PooPeePads for Your Dog

I thought I shared this one in the past but I cant find it!

Get a free PooPeePad for your dog. Your free sample pack which includes one 17×24 deluxe pad, one 23×24 quilted pad, and one 23×36 economy pad.

Click here and fill out the form. You should receive it in 5-7 business days, but this one may take longer.

Free Personal Pizza at Chuck E Cheese

This is a great one if you have kids or go to birthday parties! It can get expensive, so nothing like a free pizza.

Get a free one-topping personal pizza at Chuck E. Cheese. Click here and sign up, make sure to confirm your email.

Free Pizza reward is valid 24 hours after email and/or SMS account confirmation. It appears to be valid for about 2 months after signing up.

Plus you can refer your friends and get 100 free tickets per person who signs up.

Free $5 in Stock from Stockpile

I love these type of offers that allow you to not only earn money, but invest it in something as well.

Get a free $5 in any stock of your choice on Stockpile. Simply click here and choose which stock you would like. Since it’s $5, you will most likely get a partial stock.

I chose Amazon and got 0.00524 shares. You can select any company you would like, there are tons to choose from.

It takes about 24 hours to add the free stock to your account. Make sure to confirm your email and follow the steps.

Once you receive your stock you can do with it as you wish. Keep it in your account or sell it. Whenever you do choose to sell you can link your bank account to get your money.

One of our readers wanted to cash out and didn’t have a bank account. She contacted support and they are mailing her a check instead.

Free Magazine Subscription to Lego Club Jr

Lego Club Jr

This one has been around a while and it’s making it’s rounds again. We feature plenty of free magazine subscriptions, so why not one for the kiddos?

Get a free 2 year magazine subscription to Lego Club Jr. You have to sign up for Club Lego, but it’s pretty easy, just fill out your email and your name. Make sure to put the age between 5-10 years old for your kid.

This one seems to be valid for quite a few locations around the world so see if you qualify.

Allow 6-14 weeks for delivery of your first mailing.

Sign-up to the Lego Club here.