Graveyard Mall Mystery Box Picture and Daily Deal

The first time I mentioned the Graveyard Mall Mystery Boxes, they were sold out before I was able to mention it on Facebook. However I placed my order in time and received mine today.

The box was so big the mailman came to the house FIRST to make sure I was home! I had NO IDEA what it was, until I popped it open and there were Christmas decorations!

Being the big baby I am, I unpacked EVERYTHING to see what I scored. Below you can see a picture:

Graveyard Mall Mystery Box (2)

As you can see it came with quite a few things!

  1. Jumbo Christmas Stocking
  2. Wrapping Paper
  3. 2 Candles
  4. Several CDs
  5. Complete Tv Series
  6. 4 Tap Lights
  7. About 6 Ornaments
  8. Various Porcelain Items
  9. Wall Clock
  10. Santa Candle Holders
  11. Wine Stopper
  12. Vanity Lights
  13. And I am sure I am forgetting something else!

Not bad for a grand total of $25.98

Graveyard Mall Daily Deal

While the Mystery Boxes are still sold out, they do have daily deals you can check out.

Today’s daily deals includes 3 Gift Boxed Mini Plates. Each box has 4 plates in them. The deal for this is just $8.99, so about $3 per box.

I also noticed a cheese grater ($1.49 after coupon code) and a vegetable slicer ($3.49 after coupon code). For these items use coupon code take50now for the discount.

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