Tony’s Frozen Pizza

If you follow our contests and reviews you know that I get to try products, share them with you, and pass them on. I was able to do this with Tony’s Pizza.

They sent me a bunch of free coupons to try their pizza and give some away (giving some away this week!). The problem? The coupon had a maximum value of $1.75 and the pizza cost $3 each at Vons. So much for my free pizza. While this isn’t a huge factor and doesn’t make me like the product any less, but when I thought I was getting a FREE pizza, it did seem kind of lame.

Tony’s Pizza Review

Besides the coupon problem, I’ve always been a fan of Tony’s Pizza as long as I can remember. Generally when these pizzas go on sale they are a great value, so I had these often when I was younger.

This particular pizza reminds me more of maybe an after school snack or a quick and easy lunch that everyone can share. It’s simple to make, just preheat, bake and serve.

With the basketball games coming up maybe throw on two pizzas and invite some people over. You can try plain cheese, pepperoni, or supreme, so there is something for everyone. It beats ordering out and spending $20+ just on food.

Today we tried Tony’s Pizza for our after school snack, and it served our family of 3. For an extra good and crispy crust I let it cook the longest time it suggests to get that crunch.

What’s better than a crispy pepperoni pizza?

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